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The Best BB Creams

Blemish balms are light, moisturizing creams perfect for covering up a few fine lines and dark spots without caking your skin. Want to find the perfect one? We round up the must-have BB creams in the market. Take a look.

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How to Do Special Event Makeup

professional makeup artist how to do special event makeup

Dive into the realm of stunning transformations with our step-by-step instructions on achieving flawless special event makeup that accentuates your features and leaves a lasting impression.

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5 Makeup Courses for Beginners

Makeup can elevate the looks of any person at any time. There are a lot of aspects to makeup, and it can get overwhelming, especially for a beginner. If you want to get started on doing makeup whether for yourself or someone else, here are makeup courses that you can take up.

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How to Achieve the French Girl Makeup Look

The French certainly know a thing or two about style and beauty for France is the home of numerous luxury brands we’ve all come to know and love. While it may seem like French fashion is all glitz and glamour, when it comes to makeup style, French women tend to go for effortless and chic looks. Here’s how you can pull it off.

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What is Eyebrow Microblading?

I’m sure you’ve heard of eyebrow microblading before, but what exactly does it do? Is it painful? Is it permanent? In today’s blog, we’re answering these questions and more. Keep reading to find out!

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