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Fashion Tricks for a Bigger Butt

crop top and stretch denim

Have you ever tried on a pair of pants, looked in the mirror, and wished that you had a bigger tush? Thankfully, there are loads of ways to get that butt lift without getting any procedures done. Check out our style tips on creating that illusion of a bigger butt.

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What to Consider When Picking Clothes for Your Workout

girl in the gym

Unless you’ve dabbled into various kinds of sports or exercises, you might not be aware that not all workout gear is created equal. What you normally wear to the gym probably won’t work for an aerial yoga class, so read these tips to make sure you get it right every time.

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5 Items You Need to Stop Wearing with Leggings

tropical leggings and sneakers

The atheleisure movement ushered in a new era of style that made it acceptable to wear leggings as pants, and honestly, how did we survive before that? But with the comfort of leggings comes with bad fashion habits, recycling the same outfits over and over. Read this list to finally break that cycle.

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How to Pick the Right Handbag Every Time

circular woven handbag

Ever have trouble choosing the appropriate bag for your outfit? Stars like Selena Gomez make it look so easy, don’t they? Worry not, budding fashionistas, as we’ve compiled a list of tips to make sure you make the right decision for every ensemble. Check out this post for more details.

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The 6 Commandments of Style

Mixed prints style

Don’t wear this, don’t wear that, how many more rules do we need? While this seems like a never-ending list, trust me when I say that this set are the rules to trump every other rule you’ve heard, so that you have the freedom to explore the clothes you like and dislike to ultimately discover your own personal style.

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7 Pieces to Take You from Day to Night

leather jacket and dress

In a perfect world, we could take our entire closet with us whenever we needed a wardrobe change. But as long as you’ve got any one of these items, you’re all set. Read on to find out how you can look your best for the day and night.

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Get Over Your First Date Jitters with These Style Tips!

First Date

You have about two hours before you have to meet your date, and you still haven’t got a clue what to wear. Don’t panic—picking the right outfit to share a meal with your crush is easier than it sounds. Don’t believe us? Read through our tips and see for yourself!

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7 Ways to Up Your Leggings Game

girl in leggings

Anything in your wardrobe can seem rather played out when you wear them the same way over and over again. Think about it. How many times have you worn your leggings with your tunic? It’s time that you switch things up with leggings fashion, and here’s how you can do it.

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