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Venista Detox (30 Tablets)

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Premium Collagen + Glutathione Beautifying Drink by Beauty&U

PREMIUM COLLAGEN + GLUTATHIONE BEAUTIFYING DRINK BY BEAUTY&U Your daily beauty-boost from head to toe is here. Nourish your skin and beauty from inside and out with the Beauty & U Premium Collagen + Glutathione beautifying drink, a sugary sweet blend of nutrients that protect and enhance your skin’s appearance....


Gluta Lipo Dark Chocolate – 100% Authentic

GLUTA LIPO DARK CHOCOLATE – 100 % AUTHENTIC As Filipinos, we love to indulge ourselves in food. Sadly, an unhealthy diet can lead to serious health issues and a risk of heart disease. But even the way we try to treat health issues can be problematic: over-exercising, going on crazy...


Gluta Lipo Red Iced Tea – 100% Authentic

GLUTA LIPO ICED TEA Many women and men struggle with bloating and low energy levels. Whatever the underlying cause may be, changes in diet and lifestyle are a great way to combat this problem. The Gluta Lipo Red Iced Tea is a traditional instant detoxifying drink that promotes weight loss,...

Sale! Front & Rear of Detoxi Slim Bottle

Detoxi Slim Plus Slimming Softgel

The premium version of the first Detoxi Slim product, Detoxi Slim Plus helps to shed weight faster than the original formula. In just 7 days of continual use, you could lose up to 3-5 kg, as the softgels help you to get rid of those nasty toxins by cleansing your...


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