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Navarro’s Bleaching Soap

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Vitamin E Q10 Plus Soap by Perfect Skin Lady

Vitamin E is very rich in anti-oxidant properties, which are known to reduce damage caused by free radicals and environmental stressors. It can help you nourish your skin’s health, while preventing signs of aging and yielding beautiful, glowing skin. The Vitamin E weighs 80 grams but is packed with amazing...
100.00 55.00
Sale! Pink Lady Soap on pebbles

Pink Lady Secret Soap

A soap specifically designed for women’s intimate area. Maintains natural moisture levels and reduces skin irritation and inflammation. Also clears skin of bacteria and infections, itching, burning and unpleasant odors. DIRECTIONS: Gently apply to the feminine area while bathing, then rinse off completely. Use daily. WHAT’S IN PINK LADY SECRET...
175.00 100.00
Sale! Kojic Acid Soap 1

Kojic Acid Soap

A skin whitening facial soap that permanently lightens your complexion to reveal a brighter, natural, and even skin tone while also fading scars. Works to deeply cleanse and exfoliate skin to unclog your pores, thus eliminating whiteheads and blackheads. Reduces frequency of breakouts. Each bar weighs 100 grams. Use the...
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AR Vitamin E Facial Wash

Vitamin E is an important ingredient that helps nourish our skin and improve its appearance. That’s why you need a good skincare product that’s rich in Vitamin E for every day use. The AR Vitamin E Facial Wash is a 190 ml bottle of face wash ideal for minimizing pores,...
250.00 150.00

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